Magento & SAP

Integrating SAP with Magento, we deliver the ideal B2B solution.

Our solution enables B2B customers to self-service enquiries online, meaning fewer phone calls, faxes and emails to manage.

Implementing a two-way integration between SAP and a Magento eCommerce platform, means all the information stored in SAP can be made available to your customers in real-time, on an easy-to-use online portal and website.

Your customers can access personalised pricing, order history, bespoke catalogues and stock availability, along with real-time information regarding production, shipment and eInvoices.

The benefits

  • By giving your customers access to real-time information, you can streamline your customer services and improve your business efficiencies
  • Two-way integration eliminates the need for manual data and batch processing
  • Customers can browse their account information based on your SAP business rules
  • The service is cloud-based, so there's no hardware for you to maintain. 

If you're servicing your customers with phone calls, faxes and emails and want to move them online, get in touch with us at

To provide this solution, we've teamed up with Corevist, the leading integration experts for SAP and eCommerce.

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