Magento Community

The driving force behind the open source eCommerce platform.

Session, which unified with Inviqa in June 2016, is proud to have the most Magento Certified developers in the UK in our team and we strive to give back to the community. 

How we give back to the thriving community


  • Hosting seminars and conferences is a way of sharing the knowledge we’ve gained from years of developing professional Magento projects.
  • We sponsor national and international Magento events, such as MagentoLive, Imagine eCommerce and MageTitans and Magento meetups. Our developers regularly attend these events to share their knowledge. 

Magento meetups

  • We regularly host Magento meetups in our London office, and if we’re not holding them, we regularly contribute with sponsorship.

Sharing our knowledge

  • We regularly share news, views and ideas on our eCommerce blog.
  • We write and publish whitepapers on Magento and eCommerce.
  • Whilst delivering high-profile projects, our developers are constantly learning, adding to their already extensive knowledge. Our technical blog is where they share this knowledge.

If there’s something you think we should be a part of contact us at