Crafting beautiful user experiences for effective conversion.

Session which unified with Inviqa in June 2016, specialises in designing and implementing user experiences that build confidence and credibility in your brand.

We use a tried and tested process based on five conversion-driving stages: trust, clarity, focus, persuasion and ease that encourage your user through to checkout. These follow our ‘Purchase Pathway’, a term we use to describe a customer’s journey through an eCommerce experience. 

Working independently or in collaboration with your existing design agencies, we work closely with brands to improve or focus the following to increase conversion:

  • Clear and direct content
  • A strong and consistent brand perception
  • Attention to detail
  • Simplicity
  • Guidance and clear navigation
  • A consistent visual code
  • Demonstrable progression
  • Frequent rewards
  • Quick performance
  • Removal of unnecessary barriers

Brands including Sanctuary Spa, Gift Library and Acne delight with stunning user experiences created by Session. To shape a sleek user experience for your site, get in touch with our award-winning creative team at inviqa.com